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Double check all the hardware. Sometimes when it seems a rifle can't be reliably dialed in, it pays to check all the fasteners, all the scope hardware, and so on. If you have trouble out at some distance, back off to one-half that distance to see if there is some sort of problem that remains. Dial that puppy in at 25 then 50 yards. Then go farther out. If you fail when farther out, come back to where you just were and see if the results might have changed. This has happened to me a few times. Dialing in just doesn't make sense. And then I might discover a fault with the bases, rings, screws, or the scope itself.
I've assisted other guys at the range that could not dial in their firearms. I'd always ask about fastener integrity, and sometimes the owners were surprised to find a loose scope, sloppy rings, or a scope that would not hold zero. Have a buddy watch you to see if you jerk the trigger or jump in anticipation of recoil. If you do, just slow down, breathe, relax, aim and squeeze. Hold that cross hair on the spot when it goes off. Don't hold too tight or get too tense. Get comfortable in your hold on target and let her fly smoothly.
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