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Probably my SW Model 66. I got it as a rookie cop, it was the Cadillac of police revolvers in the early '80s. It stood by me through thick and thin, won a few competitions when the good guns were off doing something else, and convinced more than a few goblins to pay attention and mind their manners.

Did I mention that it could shoot? Oh, my, that revolver was wonderful. One day after a qualification, a bunch of us were playing around at the 25 yard line and I started putting bullets on a target. Four cylinders later, I had this target.

Oh, before I leave, I had to comment on this earlier posting.

Originally Posted by Ferretboy
My Dads Single Six. have alotta fun plinking with that before I had a falling out with him.
Go make up with your Dad. Really. It's important. Maybe more important than you'll ever know.
Dennis Dezendorf
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