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Absolutely untrue. Les Baer and Bill Wilson and Ed Brown have been building tight guns for years now and winning big money and trophies with them. If they weren't 100% reliable you wouldn't be using them at National and World competition matches. Tightness and reliability are two completely different things. I built IPSC/USPSA guns back in the 80s and 90s that were tight and I would shoot 1000 rounds every saturday in practice and they never missed a beat. And yes the were filthy at the end of the day. I still have a couple of them and they still run 100%. As far as plunger tubes and ejectors being a "flaw", the "flaw" is that they were not installed by someone who knew or cared about what they were doing. I have installed lots of plunger tubes and sights and ejectors and none of my customers ever brought one back. Two of my guns have had 20 plus years of heavy use and they're still solid and tight. All of the loose parts I saw on 1911s were brand new out of the box. You can't blame the design for lousy workmanship. Sadly a lot of people's experience with 1911s are ruined because of the mass produced guns on the market that are built to a price point for quantity sales like most things we buy today.

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