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Saw this thread and just had to comment.

I used to grip as high as I can. A large influence was watching a Jerry McCulick (spelling?) film which advised to do so. In fact that video advised to have a grip so high as to have the skin of the web of the dominant hand over the hump of the backstrap, and to consider wrapping the thumb of the support hand across the dominant hand's web too.

Now I don't "choke up" on the grips anymore. For my revolvers I find that an extended trigger finger parallel to the bore (which lays just under the cylinder when extended) does a few things for me. It's easier on the tendons of my hand when I pull the trigger straight back as a result since I have more leverage. This especially makes a difference with my N-frame large revolver. Better leverage. Also, recoil energy is translated into muzzle flip depending on how stout your loads are. The barrel settles back down soon enough for my taste and I can stand to shoot more this way. Finally, I find that a lower grip seems to optimize the distance to the trigger - as in it moves the trigger farther away from my hand. This is good because with a high grip, I end up with too much trigger finger for the trigger to stay in that last bend of my index finger as the trigger is pulled.

Remember though, you have to find what works best for how you were made - and decide what factors are most important to you.
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