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I was talking to a friend of mine earlier about the reliability of 1911s. He mentioned that they are generally extremely reliable unless you want to make them extremely accurate, and said that you cannot have both.

He mentioned that the barrel-bushing-frame fit is where the problem is. "The accuracy of a 1911 is controlled by the barrel-bushing-frame fit. The tighter it is, the more accurate it is, but the less it likes to be dirty. If you get one that's the level of all condition reliability of a Glock or XD, it will group like 10" at 25 yards"

"A lot of the newer plastic guns fix the barrel in place with a locking lug at the bottom of the barrel, right in front of the feed ramp, and at the top of the chamber. This way, it can be both dirty and accurate."

I can't help but wonder, how much of an issue is this, and does he have a point there? Does the design inherently force a compromise between either reliability or accuracy?
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