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Eddystone U.S. Model 1917 30-06

Just pulled up past threads on this rifle and I am intrigued with it. I found one today at an auction house and gave it a quick inspection as the place was crowded.The stock looks fine and original with no splits or damage and has not been "sporterized". Some wear on front sight ears ;but really not bad for a rifle this old. The barrel exterior , receiver, bolt etc are in mint condition and the cartouches are in place. Only problem I could find was that the bore is dirty and has a layer of rust . Also it appears that there is a screw missing from the base plate of the receiver near the trigger housing.

The auction house is estimating that it will sell for between $200.00 - $400.00.The rifle strikes me as being an excellent opportunity to buy a big bore for military fun shoots at my club.I would buy an M -1 Garand if I had the money ;but just can`t swing it and don`t really need a semi auto capability.

Did not have a chance to check for matching dates on the barrel and the receiver. nor for serial numbers Can anyone give me an idea where these dates and numbers might might appear on the rifle.? Is the price range accurate ? Thanks in advance for any help . Buckley
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