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I switched my T/C Renegade over to musket caps, simply because they're larger and easier to manipulate with cold fingers. My rifle lit up all right with standard caps, but musket caps are easier to finagle.

I like the maxi-ball in my Renegade. With 90 grains of RS Pyrodex (all I could get for awhile), It launches that big slug with surprising accuracy. I can keep my shots, offhand, on a 6" paper plate at 100 yards. I don't know what it would do from a bench, cause I've never bench-rested it. During the early '80s I was shooting it a lot, and got pretty good with it, to the point that I've never had a deer walk away from it. If you put a half-inch slug clean through them, they tend to blow red snot and lay down. Sometimes they'll kick a little, but I've never had one run off.

My fun load with that rifle is 60 grains of the RS Pyrodex over a patched round ball. Still plenty good accuracy, but it burned less powder, used less lead, and disn't kick quite so hard.
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