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I own a Ruger sp101 and a blackhawk in .327 federal magnum and just love them both. I have thought about selling the blackhawk just to make room for something concealable but the gun is so well made and shoots just great that I quickly change my mind. My opinion is that this round really shines in the blackhawk for hunting coyotes, which are a pest by me.

The sp101 coupled with the 6 rounds of .327 really make a great, balanced revolver. I love it and often carry it concealed. Great gun.

I love shooting .32 s&w long wadcutters out of the sp101 too. It makes a great day at the range.
.327 SP101 3", .327 Blackhawk, S&W 627 V-Comp, S&W 686+ 5", S&W 686+ 3", S&W 581 4", Ruger no.1 .243, TC Contender, Stoeger .410 SxS, some sort of SKS
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