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I have big hands as well...( but my feet are only a 14 ..) ...and I find all of the single action Colts way too small to fit my hands. My pinky finger ends up under the grip ...and I can't shoot them / they're too short in the grip area.

The single action revolver I went to ...was the Freedom Arms, made in Wyoming ...their model 83, is a large frame, 5 shot revolver...and available in a variety of calibers including .357 mag, .44 mag, .45 Colt, .454 Casull etc...and they're great guns. I had one made in a 4 3/4" octagonal barrel last year...great balance...and I had them do a full action job on it ..and the total bill came to a shade over $ 3,100 but its a great gun - and worth every penny in my opinion. Here is a photo of mine...

But I will also tell you that my favorite double action revolver a S&W model 27 in a 4" nickel / .357 mag....the model 27 S&W is a great gun / the big N frame makes it a good fit for me....and the N frame is also made in .44 mag ( the dirty harry guns - model 29's which I like as well ) ....but not .45 Colt...
I think its good advice for your dad to consider a 9mm....lots of options out there....on the smaller side, a nice Sig 239 in 9mm is a nice gun - relativlely inexpensive in the $ 800 price range / there are a lot of nice 1911's out there - Wilson Combat is my favorite..check out their website. They have a lot of 4" and 5" personal carry gun is a Wilson CQB model full size, in .45 acp ....but I have some of their 5" guns in 9mm as well. Nice guns / good people to work with on custom orders.
Reloading is a whole different conversation ...check out the line of equipment from Dillon .../ I like it a lot - especially the 650 press with a case feeder. Its a great machine / produces a lot of amm pretty quickly ....but reloading is a big part of this hobby for me...I reload 7 handgun calibers and 4 shotgun gagues. There are other presses out there - that is good stuff too Hornaday, RCBS and Dillon. But for what its worth, I'd buy the Dillon 650 again.

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