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well... had to take my steel door off, an interiour door & stub wall it was attached to, but finally wiggled a small steel desk into the safe room ( I had foolishly painted it up nice, which I of course scratched the crab out of it getting it down the stairs, around the corners... it was an older steel desk, & was welded, rather than bolted together )... anyway... a little touching up ( much less overspray, than repainting completely ) & it'll look like new... it's got a new stainless top, to match my loading bench, & is painted the same blue as the vinyl on the storage benches...

also got my data cable run, & a small ( 19" ) wall mounted flatscreen TV in the corner with the desk... things are starting to come together nicely

... & of course everything put back together... should have put the desk in along time ago I guess
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