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Shooting long distance's {600-1,000 yards} at a target or enemy is one thing...shooting at a game animal --- at these distance's --- is another.
I need to preface my comment by stating that I don't hunt, but....I do shoot long range (with my sons) exclusively.

I read comments all the time about how someone has taken their twelve year old on a whitetail hunt, and they pulled the shot at 50 yards, and missed completely...

Or, sometimes it's the experienced hunter, that misses, and not his child...

IMO, it is about the experience of the shooter, the ability of the hardware to make the shot, and some common sense on the shooter's part to know whether he can make the shot based on conditions, or not...

By and large, experienced long range marksmen are just as capable at a taking a long range kill shot (conditions permitting) as the guy that dusts off his rifle twice a year to go shoot a buck at 100 yards.
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