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Muzzle energy is similar to the 270 Win, but with a better BC it's a better long range round than both the 270 Win or 6.8spc.

Yes, "similar" if you mean within 3-5 hundred pounds ..... and just poking around the web, I'm not finding available hunting ammo in .260 that has less [email protected] than that of either Hornady's .270WIN 130gr SST load, or my own 150 gr SGK handload .... Remington only claims 2,750 f/sec for their 140gr Corelokt load, and it's not even an efficient bullet.....

There are some very efficient 6.5 bullets out there, but the small case of the .260 limits initial muzzle velocity, especially with the longer bullets. The LR hunting guys tend to favor the .260 AI for it's increased capacity......
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