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I know you posted about shooting some 150gr factory how that shoot?
150's shoot very well out of the rifle. They were at about 1/2 moa- and that was just the cheap Winchester super-x.

I played with some 190gr SMK in my 1:12 SPS .308 back in the summer. there was no reason to believe I wouldn't be able to get them shooting sub-moa consistently if I spent some more time working up a load
Now that's what I'm talking about. So, once you get a load that shoots half decent, what do you start toying with to get better accuracy? Adjust the seating depth .003" at a time and .1 grain of powder?

I've never messed with the "ladder" technique of working up 5% at a time or whatever it is. I just gradually increased the charge while watching for pressure signs.
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