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From what I've read the 260 Remington is more like the 6.8 not the 270
The .270 WIN is essentially a .30-06 case necked down to hold .277 bullets...

The 260 Rem is a .308WIN case necked down to hold 6.5mm/.264" bullets ....

The 6.8SPC is a .30 Remington case necked down to hold .277" bullets ..... the .30 Remington was introduced 100+ years ago as a direct competitor to the .30/30 WIN ...... similar size and pressure limit (at the time)....

Carefully loaded (a.k.a. "pushed to the edge of the envelope") in the right gun, it will post similar velocities to what off the shelf .260 Rem will do with somewhat heavier bullets ......though the 6.8 bullets will have lower ballistic coefficients (they are fatter) .... they'll start with less energy, and lose it faster ..... they'll fit in an AR magazine, though.
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