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Corrections Cop, I was in your same boots. My conclusion was that upon acquiring any of the three great rifles you named- I would surely find myself still wanting {ahem} needing one of the other three. I decided that all three needed to be acquired LOL. So I'm just saving for the others. But all three are awesome rifles. Personally I started with the GSR because I understand bolt action rifles to be the most reliable.

Cold Trigger Finger, you have some good points. While I have not tried a long eye relief setup in very low light conditions- I completely agree with your statements about GSR/bolt rifle/scout setups for situations where extended periods of time would be spent out in adverse conditions with no access to an armorer. Ha ha the bit about the $3K toy is priceless. I have a relative that is a hunting guide, and I have first hand seen the confused look on a guy's face when his uber expensive tactical rifle hangs up consistently after some messy, nighttime hog hunting. I'm not making a statement against semi-auto rifles or anything like that- just pointing out how funny it is when a guy gets all dressed up like a commando but doesn't know the first thing about keeping his rifle running.
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