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Others have already told you ...but its the trigger....

Any handgun - that has a hinged trigger - where the trigger rides on a pin, and travels thru an arc way different than a 1911 trigger. No matter how well made this hinged trigger is ...there is inevitably some wobble and a lot of travel ...

The 1911 triggers floats in the frame ...and moves straight back and forth to fire and reset.../ there is no comparison between the 2 systems...and the 1911 stands out to many of us, if its well made and well tuned, as a far superior system.

Expense is certainly a factor ...and poorly made or really inexpensive 1911's can be a pain in the butt in my view...but the 1911 is a piece of craftmanship when its done right ...with a trigger that breaks like glass with no creep and no slack ...and resets equally as smoothly.
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