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I set up at 700 yrds on one of the water jugs and let one loose, my friend called the shot 3 feet or so low, I got ready again and squeeeeezed the trigger, again 3 feet low! I had just spent nearly a 1000 dollars on a zeiss scope that didn't work! I was smokin mad! I got home and called zeiss, the guy started asking me ballistic questions and as a handloader I could answer everything he asked with ease, bullet weight, B.C., velocity, altitude, etc.
You mean the magic ranging reticle scopes are not all that magic?

Actually, Zeiss' system seems like a decent approach to getting an off the shelf reticle system to work with different loads, adjusting the magnification to get the spacing between the lines to match the predicted drops of a given load.

That being said, it is still just that, "predicted".

I don't mind the noob questions, I find posters that don't bother to read the actual question before providing input, usually with their particular favorite cartridge.

Post: I have rifles x, y, and z, and I want to do <something> which would be better for this purpose?
Answer: You need to buy a 427 eargasplittenloudenboomer, it is the only thing capable of doing what you seek.

Bonus points if the "answer" comes 3 years or more after the original post.
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