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DOH! Saiga 12 ProMag

So my parents got my 18yo brother a Saiga 12 for Christmas and I bought him a couple of ProMag 12 round drums, knowing full well PMIs rep and quality issues, and now I'm kicking myself. Neither of them makes it through a full load of 2 3/4" 7.5 shot federal without jamming. Sometimes it stovepipes and sometimes it fails to strip a shell from the mag.

Now the way I see it we have two options, sell them or find a way to improve them. Do they work better with 3" shells? Is there a way to make them feed better?

Also if it helps the gun also consistently stovepipes the final round of the 5 shot mag it came with so some of it could be the gun or the ammo.

Any and all suggestions considered and appreciated, thanks and God bless!
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