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On our land they could reach the neighbors land and I'd lose it.
Great point! This is one of the many reasons I like this forum so much. Someone else thinks of something someone else didn't! The above is yet another factor to consider.

I also have dropped deer with a neck shot as it was the only shot I had. It was a wall-hanger and didn't want him to get away! If I was hunting a field edge where tracking was easy, I'll go for a vitals shot every time. Less damage to that delicious meat, but still a killing shot. In thicker brush, harder tracking, raining, or if there is a possibility of losing the animal by it running to an area "off-limits" to me, I'll try to take it in the shoulders and take away it's ability to run.

The older I get, the less I like tracking/dragging an animal any further than I have to.

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