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for indoors, I have never...ever wanted a flashlight more than 100LUM. I really prefer something around 86LUM for indoor use. I cant imagine waking up to a noise in my dark house and turning on a 300-400-495LUM flashlight!?? I would reserver that kind of light for outdoor only.
Yep, have to agree here that in most indoor scenarios, too bright is too bright.

Outdoors, a real different story, the brighter the better.

My new favorite in a cheap and substantial (read, long enough to be used like a club) light using common C cells is the Defiant 500 (or 550 ?) lumen 3 C from Home Depot at under $20 ! Light output is so subjective and ratings are full of BS, but this sucker is damned bright.

Love the rechargeables, unless I pick up a dead light, in which case throw away cells are more readily available.
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