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Vehicle guns

If you want a NIB, low cost DA only wheelgun, I'd check out the robust Ruger SP101 .357magnum or maybe a stainless Charter Arms DA only .44spl 5 shot.
The snub SP101 could be loaded with .38spl +P or +P+ rounds. Either revolver could get CT Lasergrips too(note; I think factory Crimsontrace grips may be out of production for the Charter Arms Bulldog).
Most shooters can handle a .44spl revolver. For protection rounds, I'd buy the MagSafe, Glaser Safety Slug or maybe the DPX. sells a few .44spl Bulldogs. Author & professional EP agent; Leroy Thompson wrote a article about the Judge & Smith and Wesson Gov line.
He likes using the .410 shotshells & CT lasergrips for vehicle defense. The Gov revolver fires .45acp, .45LC & .410 shotshells. It's a well made DA/SA firearm.

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