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"If a new shooter, wanting to gear up for his first attempt at long range shooting, can't come here to ask about preferred equipment so he can at least start off on the right foot...then where can he go to ask for that information?"

Mike, I think the question is....should a new shooter start out at the outer limits of shooting expertice without practicing a lot at much shorter ranges first? You can tell from the way many of the questions are worded is that most of these folks have never even shot a rifle at all let alone spent any time working there way up to 1,000 yards. They want to start at the top first and work their way down where us mere mortals spend most of our time.
It's probably best to start a 3 year old out on a tricycle before you let them drive a 400 hp Mustang.
PS- After re-loading and casting for 40 years my favorite question that comes up all the time is, "What one powder can I use for my 4 pistols and 8 rifles in 12 different calibers?"
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