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James K
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Most clips with solid base plates can be cleaned this way:

Using a brass or aluminum rod, push down on the follower until it is just above an inspection hole. Slip a punch, nail, or similar tool under the follower to capture the spring. Turn the magazine upside down and shake it until the follower drops free and can be removed. Then release the spring. Clean the magazine as needed with spray cleaner, sonic tank, swabs, hot water bath/spray, etc..

To reassemble, insert the spring until its top end is below the feed lips, then push down on the spring with the rod. Again capture the spring. Install the follower and release the spring. Be careful to press down on the follower when releasing the spring to keep it from slamming into the feed lips.

Also when you remove the spring note the top; many mag springs are different on the top from the bottom.

Jim K
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