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Originally Posted by dahermit
Nevertheless, I am sure that you are aware that a single person's experience with the 1911 is too small of a sample to be statistically significant.
Most assuredly.

Which is why I dismiss your alleged defect as both hearsay (in other words, you have never experienced it or seen it or know anyone who has experienced it) and Internet myth (the infamous "some guy" said it, so it must be true).
Assuredly hearsay. Nevertheless, plunger tubes that come loose, extractors that loose their tension, ejectors that come loose, have shown to be a flaw that is inherent in 1911's. That is evidence enough to question the reliability of design of 1911, even if that particular poster was in error, just plain lying. The point is, the 1911 has parts that fail with notable frequency, despite the fact a particular owner of a 1911 may never experience it. One of the reasons I am sure that Ruger's rendition of a 1911 has a plunger tube that integral to the frame...cannot become loose.
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