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Well, The concept of shooting at long range has been greatly romanticized over the years by tv shows, movies and video games. Shots are taken all the time on "film" that any average shooter knows is almost impossible out in the real world. We now have two generations of video gamers who have never even held a real gun in their hands but are masters at the games all the time thinking they are just as good with a real gun. There are a lot of sports where people think if they spend mucho bucks and buy the best they will automatically be number one without any practice. I have a buddy who spent over 5 thousand dollars on a racing bicycle that has major parts made of carbon fiber and weighed in ounces rather than pounds. Was he ever surprised his first time out when riders on beat up "older" bicycles ran circles around him. We now live in a time of ultra instant gratification where practice and hard work to be good at something is secondary to hype, style and wow factor. Last week at a church function one of our teenage girl members that has flunked 2 grades in highschool was wearing a Rice University sweat shirt. I almost fell to the floor chuckling to myself.
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