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Don't know about more modern automobile headliners but the older models have quite a bit of space between the inside of the roof and the fabric.
Seems to me a flat autoloader would fit in there along with a simple wide strap glued to the inside of the roof to hold it in place. The strap molded to the pistol while wet.
I've repaired headliners before, using blind stitching to replace rotted threads. It can be done in a manner that in an emergency situation the liner could be ripped loose along a seam pretty quickly.
Only likelyhood of it being found is a through police search or if the car ends up at a chop shop.

A modified sunvisor is another possibility. I'd have to draw a picture to explain the modifications. As long as both visors match it should go un-noticed.

If you use one of those beed type seat covers or lift out ventilated cushions, a slot cut in the seat could be used to hold a pocket pistol. Done properly a car thief sitting in the seat probably would not know it was there.

Leaving any sort of firearm in a place vulnerable to thieves just potentially puts one more weapon in the hands of criminals. Unless its an unregistered throwaway it could be traced back to you after being used in a crime. Thats something we can do without.

For modifications to a front seat, like adding a zippered or velcro'ed pocket between pleats or tucks, don't take the car to the shop, just take the seat.
A hidden piece is not much good if others know about it and have your license number or address.
I can do this sort of work myself, I've repaired a lot of auto interiors, but others may need it done by a professional.

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