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Bullet seating depths or bullet lengths are not included in any load data I've seen.
Right. That's why I gave you a formula to calculate it for yourself, and a link to bullet length data. Most manuals do have the trim-to length of the case that they used for the load and the COL they recommend for the bullet, and you just use those in the formula. If they don't give the case length, just use the standard case length listed by SAAMI. SAMMI gives you a minimum and a maximum, and trim-to length is usually just half way inbetween.

Manufacturers don't usually don't give bullet length in a manual, but calling or emailing will normally get it for you. If you're not confident about making the calculation, that's another reason to call or email the bullet maker. They should be able to tell you length and COL and may even provide a seating depth if you ask for it. In the case of Hornady, they'll even email you their recommended loads for their bullets. Some other makers may be doing that as well. It's worth taking the time to ask them if you are feeling uneasy about it.
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