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You should by the gun instead Constantine. Thats a Colt WW1 Reproduction in the pic. They are super nice.

Of course I'd trade mine for an original military 1911, for the monetary gain, but I wouldn't gain actual quality, accuracy or functionality. I had a US stamped 1911 that was made in 1917, but it was a parkerized and reworked by Augusta Arsenal for WW2. I gave it to a good friend on his Birthday, his Grandpa was in the 90th Infantry during WWII and he did not have any WW2 weapons. That functioned great, but it was a wore out old war horse compared to my WW1 Repo.

My Kahr/Auto-Ordnance 1911a1 also pictured has been great and well worth its modest price, for any of those interested in a budget 1911. It is not as exacting a in original details as the Colt is, but its well worth the money.
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