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I finally got a chance to get back out and try the silvertips. Still 2" groups. What confuses me is that the patterns are not at all consistent. Sometimes they will be in a triangle, sometimes a diagonal line, sometimes a straight line up and down. The only improvement with the silvertips over the corelokts is that two of the three shots will usually be less than 1" apart, with one flyer. The next thing im going to do is go pick up another brand of ammo and let someone else shoot a couple groups with the rifle to eliminate myself as the problem. After that, glass bedding and muzzle recrowning are at the top of the to-do list. Also should I be worried about action screw torque affecting accuracy? It seems to me that an aluminum bedding block would make action screw torque not be as much of an issue. I dont own a torque wrench that will go down to inch pounds, so I just got them good and tight with a 1/4" ratchet. Should I worry about getting them torqued to factory spec which is 50-55 in/lbs?
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