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I am an awful 1000 yard shot, though having practiced at it for the last 20 years you would think I would be getting better.

I am fine out to 600 yards though, shot HM scores many a time.

I remember being squadded in a 1000 yard match with a Wimbleton Cup Champion; the same Wimbleton Cup that Carlos Hathcock is famous for winning. He was commenting on how we, with known loads, known 1000 yard zero’s at the same range, never hit the ten ring first shot, in fact, we are pretty happy just to hit the black. Whereas the “sniper” crowd regularly gets head shots each and every time.

Shooting is a skill. You get better by practicing, you cannot buy scores through esoteric reloading practices, expensive reloading equipment, or even expensive gear. If the squirrel has the nut but does not have the teeth, it will not feast on the seed.

Well I guess I will put on my Air Jordan's and win the National Basketball Championship, that is all it takes, right, expensive shoes?
If I'm not shooting, I'm reloading.
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