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Originally Posted by Constantine
That picture posted by golfnutrlv is simply beautiful and I want it framed.
That is lovely, isn't it? I was happy to see that photo mainly because I have one of those on layaway at a local shop. I noticed this odd-looking 1911 in the rack and asked to see it, and after a little research found that it's a 1915 production Colt, marked US Property. Probably a surplus sold after WWII when they were dirt cheap. My example was re-finished in hard chrome, but it's not a bad job at all because you can still read all the roll marks.

When I get it home, I'll take off the rubber Pachmayrs it currently wears and put some nice double-diamond grips on it. It will become my barbeque gun, for flashy formal occasions. A nice, tooled pancake holster should highlight it beautifully.
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