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WBL and arcticap

Have you tried different bullet/sabot combos Birch?
I have, but not to the extent I'd really like! I'd like to do more testing with cast/sabot combinations like "robhof" mentioned. I have done enough to know all my sabot guns are much more accurate with a tighter sabot. Even .002 can make a big difference. For instance. the Barnes Spit-Fire MZ's & TMZ's mike out (including the sabot) at .505 O.D. (up by the petals not at the base). Knight packages the exact same bullet with their own sabot and they mic out at .501 O.D. This miniscule amount is enough to make a BIG difference in accuracy.

articap is dead on in his assessment in my humble opinion.

There are so many variables, it's hard to cover this topic without writing a book! Amount of powder, bullet weight, barrel length, bullet diameter/design, how tight the bullet fits in the barrel, on and on are all significant factors.

Hope this helps!

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