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I really can't add anything as far as load development beyond what has already been covered. The parent case is .30 Remington.

As for use, yes, your .270 is more versatile out of a long action rifle. But for an AR, I found it plenty useful. My oldest was shooting a Weatherby Vanguard Youth .243, and although she could shoot well with it (took deer and hog), she wasn't comfortable behind it. Enter an AR in 6.8 with a collapsable stock, flat top, railed gas block, free float tube, and a scope, and I found a rifle that fits her small frame that she loves to shoot.

In bolt action rifles, Remington ran a model of the 700 for a while. Although I think they have stopped, you can still find them on Gunbroker in the $800 range. I have also seen Ruger 77 Mk IIs chamber in it as well.

Pushing a .277 caliber, 120 grain bullet at 2450 fps won't inspire most, but for a light recoiling round for deer and hogs within 200 yards, it works great. Hornady, Remington, Silver State Armory, Sellier and Bellot, among others, do some good factory loading for it. My favorite hunting round right now is the Hornady 120 grain SST. My oldest has used that to harvest deer with impressive results.

Another good resource is the 6.8Forums site, completely dedicated to the round, albeit from mostly an AR perspective.
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