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Your new Bushnell is at best a small step up in quality over the Tasco.

I've never noted enough difference in POI at differing scope powers for it to be a real issue. I use the scopes highest power setting when zeroing at 100 yards. Then I run it down to the lowest power setting and shoot at some targets at closer ranges to verify the zero.

I leave the scope on the lowest setting for anything inside of 50 yards and use the highest magnification for every thing else. I have no use for anything in between. This way for longer shots I know the scope is zeroed correctly. If there is any difference on another power setting it won't be enough to matter at closer ranges.

I know lots of guys who use 3-9's on 30-30's, but I think it is way too much scope for the gun. They are just too big and hurt the guns balance. At 3X you have almost too much magnification for really close fast shots and you will never need 9x at 30-30 ranges. I would prefer a 1-4X20 on a 30-30 and no more than a 2-7X32. If returning the scope and replaceing it is an option I would. If not, then mount it as low as possible and use it. It isn't ideal in my opinion, but certainly useable.

This is what I'd prefer on a 30-30

At 8 oz it is about 1/2 the weight of most 3-9's and more than adequate.
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