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But if Congress balks at banning certain weapons entirely, it could make gun owners an offer they can’t refuse. Instead of $200 a gun, Uncle Sam might offer $500.”
How generous of them to offer a whopping $500 for a gun that may have cost well north of $2,000 or $3,000. Even if that's what they "offer," do the math. There are over 100 million long guns in this country. Say one-third are semi-auto, that's 33 million firearms. (Haven't even talked abut handguns.) 33 million times $500 is $16,500,000,000. Yeah, 16-1/2 BILLION dollars.

This country is already broke and bankrupt. Where do they think they're going to get an extra 16-1/2 billion dollars to throw at a program that's guaranteed to fail?
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