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Originally Posted by AndyWest
Originally Posted by Constantine
Only annoying thing with that is over time, that bullet set back on my .45's
I'm probably overly paranoid but bullet setback scares me too after being educated about it here. Now I just throw away the chambered round every time I clean. I figure it's just a small part of the regular cleaning routine.
I just use a generic jhp for the chambered round and keep the premium stuff in the mags. At the range I'll put a mag of practice ammo in and the first shot fired is the generic jhp. When I'm done I'll chamber another jhp and re-insert my mag of defense rounds and I'm ready to go again.

I don't worry about the generic first round being less effective than the rounds that will follow. They'll follow fast enough if it dosn't work. I've tested enough to know that they will feed behind the lesser cost jhp that's chambered.
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