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Couple of things. Carrying a spare for your S.O. may or may not be such a good idea. What do the concerned States have to say about a non-licensed person using a firearm. She may be in violation of the law the minute she puts a gun in her hand. Something to think about. Other than that detail, it appears to me that you should be well enough armed to start a small war. If you think that you are going to need all that fire power, I would either change my planned route, bring a shotgun or two, or better yet, stay home.
I fully understand that it is always better to ere on the side of caution, but I think you are going way overboard.
Thanks, I hadn't thought of the legal question. Time for research. I appreciate your input, and sorry if i seemed dismissive in my above post- not my intention.

EDIT: From a little preliminary looking, it seems like her legitimate use of my firearm would be covered under respective self defense statutes. I think Yankee makes a good point, and I will probably leave the glove box gun at home. That leaves me w/ 2 in the car, plus the shtf gun in the trunk. Probably more than I would possibly need, which is always good.

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