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Maybe you should explain that to the victim's families, the Medical professionals, the Firearms Examiners et al. You might be on to a real break-thru in the study of Terminal Ballistics. Later.
Again hard vs. soft is a matter of technicalities. A "soft" lead bullet is still in fact pretty darned hard. Swaged pure lead SWCs will penetrate just fine.

You also know damned good and well what I meant so using the phrase "explain that to the families" makes you look foolish. Thats about as asinine as the anti-gunners that say that when screaming for an AWB.

Learn more about bullets and you may get somewhere. The hardness of the bullet isnt the issue. Its the load involved. If there isnt enough power to push an expanding bullet through tissue then its not a good load. Any underpowered load with an expanding bullet will either not expand or expand and not penetrate enough.

I gotta go, I dropped some soft lead bullets on the floor and they flattened out like pancakes and got stuck in the carpet, dont want my wife to find them. Anyone know what gets soft flattened out lead of carpet?
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