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Carrying a BUG for sig others...

OK, got a few questions, and I wanna see what some of you guys think.

My fiance is a KY resident. I live just across the Ohio in IN, and we plan on living on the yankee side once we get married. She plans on carrying, and has decided to wait until moving to Indiana to get het License to Carry a Handgun, rather than get a Kentuck CCW and have to get the LTCH right after.

My first question is this: when I am out with her, I generally carry a primary and a BUG. I always tell her where my BUG is, in case we end up in a situation where they are needed. Do any of you guys carry a BUG for a significant other who, for whatever reason, doesn't carry?

My second is this: We are getting ready to make a trip from IN/KY to Alabama to visit my family. Again, trying to anticipate the worst, I plan on having 4 handguns with me: My primary and BUG (probably a S&W J frame .38 IWB plus 2 speed strips and a Kahr 9mm w/ a spare mag on my ankle or IWB as well, a SHTF pistol (in my case a CZ-75 w/ 3 mags fully loaded), and a small .32 in the glove box (probably the one from my collection that my fiance has decided will be her carry gun- Beretta Tomcat) with an extra mag. Any suggestions in terms of different placements, etc? I don't have that many SD weapons (and I am faily generous is my listing a weapon as a SD weapon) other than what I am listing- I do have a CZ-70 (.32ACP), and a Smith I frame (50's ish, .32 long) that I could feel OK with using for SD.

Any thoughts are appreciated...
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