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Marlin stainless model 60 question

I took my late sons Marlin model 60 apart to clean it this evening. I bought the gun used for him, he shot it a lot then moved to a 243 and and the 22 sat.
I bought the gun used and this is the first time it had been taken apart by me. Apparently the PO bent the slide recoil spring in the past and when I tried to put it back in it only bent worse.
To get it in I did a little off hand engineering and cut one coil (the bent one) out of the spring, put half in the slide half over the pin that sits against the rear stop. Then pushed the pin into the front half on into the hole in the rear of the slide where it goes and installed the block.
I reassembled the rifle took it outside and ran 14 rounds thru it. It shoots fine ejects fine feeds fine just like before.

My question is is one coil being cut out in the middle of the spring enough to make the gun unsafe damage it etc. Both halfs of the spring are held securely inside the block and pin is in both halfs.
As I said I cant tell any difference in the gun at all. But Im no gunsmith either so checking here. Thanks
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