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Take this FWIW from someone who grew up shooting piney woods rooters back home.

Like DNS and others mentioned, a proper ear or head shot will work wonders. However, you need to be comfortable taking that kind of shot. Are you?

The heart/lung shot is a high percentage shot with fair room for error.

As for the capability of your rifle/ammo combo, it will work. I have personally seen .270 shots on hogs, albeit with 130 grain Core Lokts. I've also seem video of hogs shot with 300 blackout using a reported 125 grain ballistic tips, and the results were mediocre. Head shot failed, but a vital shot worked.

Similar application, my oldest daughter tipped over her first pig, a 250 lb sow, with her .243 using Winchester's ballistic silver tip, much similar to the ballistic tip. 1 round through the vitals pierced the shield, got both lungs, and resulted in a dead pig after a very short walk (5 paces).

And to explain the shield as most call it, the shield is just very compacted fat and tissue that starts at the front shoulders and goes up to the base of the head. It's kinda thick, based on hog size, and will dull a knife after a while.

Since you haven't done this before, let me also recommend the 80-100 pound variety. Although the thought of bagging a huge one seems awesome, it will quickly become old if you have to drag it far and the quality of the meat is better IMO on the smaller ones.

Best of luck and I hope you have a successful trip!

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