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If you can hit a target at 25 yards, you can hit it at 5 yards. The reverse may not be true. More accuracy is better.
Not true at all. If you don't train for close distance shooting, you won't be proficient at it. You should train as you will fight. The best strategy for training for self defense is to train at short distances starting with contact distance and then moving back in very short increments. Could a 25 yard encounter happen....sure...and you could win the lottery, too. Odds are any encounter will be close, fast and fierce........within conversation distance. That is how you should spend the vast majority of time training. Block, strike, push, step back and try to gain some distance, then fire using point firing. You may never get to use the sights in a real encounter. Go ahead and plink an occasional 25 yard shot, but spend the rest of the time up close. If you don't train at close fighting, you'll suck at it. If you think you'll have time to line up the sights, control your breathing, get a good stance, etc, etc, etc, you're fooling yourself. In most cases you'll be lucky to draw the gun and point it in the right direction as someone is choking you or pushing you to the ground to wail on you. It's OK if you want to take that risk, but this site draws a lot of new shooters and folks who are new to defensive pistol craft. Talking about 25 yard defensive shots or telling people that if they can hit the target at 25 yards then they can hit at close distance is foolish. Train as you will fight!
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