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the SKS' reputation suggests that it would be most reliable

the mini would be most accurate

the SU16 would allow you to use those AR15 magazines

the Winchester 94 would be the most versatile as a general purpose rifle.

you can pick your poison. I personally have never been a fan of Keltecs, the ergonomics were always just too wonky for my liking. the mini14 is a decent design but has it's drawbacks and right now are as hard to find as AR15s anyway. I have yet to fire my SKS but I will say that any gun chambered in 7.62x39 and 223/5.56mm are going to have a fuzzy future due to rumblings of a possible gun ban and possible ban on the importation of ammo, severely limiting the supply of cheap ammunition for both calibers.

the win 94 is the only one that really stands little or nothing to lose in the event of a ban on either manufacture of(moot as the 94 is not currently produced in quantity) or importation of ammo as most 30-30 is domestic production. I would take the winchester 94 or even a cheaper Marlin 336 in 30-30 over the other options but that's just me.
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