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Originally Posted by dahermit
If you have not heard of those problems, you likely are not lurking in the right forums.
There's the problem! i haven't been lurking in the right forums! I've simply been shooting them since the mid '70s. The first one I was issued was made my Ithaca, then in another unit I got a Remington-Rand. Nowadays I shoot a Kimber that I picked up for a song. And I've never seen a spring tube break. If it's a common occurrence, I've been unbelievably lucky. Springs are pretty common, but if you run any pistol long enough you'll need to replace springs. Wolff has made a good business supplying springs for Colt, Ruger, and SW revolvers. They all need new springs occasionally.

In all those years I've only see two plunger tubes jump their crimp, but I understand that most good 1911 mechanics keep a staking tool.

I'm not doubting what you're telling me, simply saying that I've been shooting them for a long time, and I've never seen that particular problem.
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