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I can think of no less than 20 individual specimens i would call "Dream" guns and none were what I would call a "Gentleman's arm" like a P or K gun meant for the sporting line of a field...

One was a lowly M-500 pump gun with custom... did i mention CUSTOM BURL walnut root? (I think it was called root)... That mutha looked far better than any "custom burl wood" smoking pipe i got to look at as dad bought tobacco for his "field grade" smokin' pipes...

IT WAS RICH... as in RICHHHH... Oh so sweet with the black wide grains so sweetly curved... And she wore a custom Blue job on the ferrous metal and a highly polished receiver with a special looking anodized finish...

But some of the routine singles, doulbles and O/Us in gun shops really tickled my dreamy fancy as a young boy... Some I actually said to myself... "Lord, if you bless me with this gun, i would only fire it to feed my family if I am starving..." and from me, that says i think it was truly pretty...

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