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Encore pro hunter barrel questions

I've decided to jump into muzzleloading finally. I've also decided on an thompson center encore pro hunter for the multi-barrel purpose, so even if the muzzleloader doesn't pan out for me, I'll still have it as a rifle.

The questions i have are regarding the barrels for the encore pro hunter muzzleloader, and I was hoping I could get some answers here.

On the their site, they have three models listed, the 5743, 5724, and 5722.

the 5743 has a 28" weather shield barrel,
the 5724 has a 28" endeavor barrel,
and the 5722 has the 209x50 magnum barrel.

is the 209x50 magnum barrel on the 5722 28"?
are the 5743 and 5724 Magnum barrels (I'm assuming they are 209x50, but please correct me if I'm wrong)
are any fixed action/ ie, not interchangeable?
do all come with sights/ and scope options?

If you could clarify any other differences between these barrels (barrels only, I feel I understand rest of the setup fairly well) I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you for your time.
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