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Suggestions for a range/training loaner gun

Hi folks,

I'm working on getting my NRA certified instructor courses done. I'd eventually like to teach CHL courses here in Texas.

One quirk about Texas CHL law is type of gun. If you bring a revolver to the shooting qualifications you can only carry a revolver once you get your permit. If you bring a semi-auto you can carry any kind of handgun.

Often times instructors will have a spare semi pistol to 'loan' pupils to take their shooting quals with.

I'm looking for suggestions for a relatively inexpensive gun, preferably polymer, 32 cal or larger that is either full size or just a bit smaller. Also something that is reasonably accurate. I'm also thinking something in 380 ACP so the recoil is not miserable. Otherwise something 9MM for ammo cost reasons.

The reason I say inexpensive is I don't want to cry when a student drops a $500+ gun and wrecks the finish (or worse).

I don't mind oddball guns so long as they fit the use.

So, I'm open to suggestions. Also, if you are a current CHL instructor, what are your suggestions? What do you bring as that 'loaner' gun?


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