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I have had a couple of 24's and find them the best all around back of the truck quick grab tools I have owned. Years ago it was a 22/410 that was beat to hell but always reliable from rabbits to doves. Then a 30-30/12 ga that was a bit more than I needed and traded off mistakenly, bought back and finally stolen. I went to sea and forgot all about the model 24. Then about twenty years ago or so I decided I needed another and I believe around that time Savage was no longer offering them. Then a buddy of mine told that he heard at the SHOT Show they were coming back and were offering some different chamberings and some of the old forgotten ones ?

I now have a plastic stocked 22 Hornet/20 gauge with a little red dot scope. This is one handy package for anything from coyotes, Turkeys and anything else that fits the Hornet or 20 ga. The red dot is a natural for this gun though I had to be persuaded of such. The Hornet is a favorite of mine and since I load both it, the K-Hornet and many other old school woodchuck cartridges I was really tickled that Savage chambered the Mdl 24 in Hornet. Find one and buy it and you won't be disappointed but don't ask it to print tight groups at the range or expect to shoot trap with it just remember it is more of a utility tool that can be picked up and relied on to cover a lot of chores cheaply.
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