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Do you have a 22 rifle, preferably with iron sights. Print yourself a whole bushel basket full of small bore rifle targets and about 5,ppp rounds of 22LR ammo. Then start position shooting, no bench. No recoil to make you flinch, ear plugs to help you not jump at the bang, shooting glasses to protect your eyes. offhand, kneeling sitting, prone, multiple targets and single targets, tin cans, pill bottles, cookies, crackers, blocks of wood, ice cubes. Vary your game, get somebody to shoot with you so its fun and not just a chore and keep doing it until you can shoot expert scores offhand at 50 yards. Start you shooting day with offhand and end your shooting day with offhand.

If you can master the mouse gun you can shoot the centerfire. Gear up with glasses and ear protection and just fire one offhand shot at 50 yards at that same small bore target you are now used to shooting at. Take a break, when you are deer hunting you won't be shooting 50 rounds at a sitting. Concentrate on the basics, you already know them. Another shot and take a break, look at the target, contemplate your navel, take a deep breath and think good thoughts, take another shot. You should have 3 good shots offhand.

Call it a day. Last thing you want to do is shoot up a box of ammo and get all your old bad habits back. Stay off the bench. The shooting bench should only be for your box of ammo and your mug of lemonade.

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