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Even though I don't need another tactical 12 gauge (already have a 590A1 that does its job very well) I gotta say the VEPR 12 is at the top of my want list now. The big money trap guns are cool, don't get me wrong, they're beautiful but my guns get used... and my 870 supermag goes clay for clay with every one I've been beside when it comes time to bust birds.
I hear ya, I have a M930SPX and then got an 870 Tactical as a backup/pump project (I've done quite a bit of hooking it up).

I wanted a Vepr 12 but in NJ you can't have an autoloading shotgun w/ a pistol grip, the Vepr 12 comes only pistol gripped, so I bought the old man a Saiga 12 for Christmas... A regular old Saiga 12 comes OTB with a conventional stock.

If I ever need it I can get (and plan to get really) a 24" barrel for the 930 w/ nice fiber optic type bead sights, and any manner or fashion of 870 barrel if the time comes.
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